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Are you ready to Shine, Thrive and Achieve?

Wirral Tutoring Star Goals

Good Morning!

We are very excited that today is the official launch day of Star Goals and cannot wait to start helping people shine, thrive and achieve their dreams. Just to introduce ourselves….we are an independent personal tutoring and education service with a difference, we don’t just want academic success and grades as our goal, we want happy, healthy, resilient young people too.

Young people are suffering with increasing mental health issues and have increasing pressure on them, we want to teach them not only the academic content to shine and achieve but also the mindset and skills to thrive mentally too.

Contact us now for a free assessment to see how we can help you in the Wirral and beyond via online.

Our Promise To You

Wirral Tutoring Star Goals

Dear Client,

We promise to offer you a unique to you personal tutoring and coaching plan.

We will never just use a standard bought in scheme of work without adapting it to your own personal needs.

We will reply to your e-mails and phone calls within 24 hours.

We employ only the best most experienced tutors and coaches with decades of experiences as teachers, ccounsellors, support workers and examiners.

We bring expert guidance and professional qualifications alongside lived personal experience.

We have a history of outstanding results so we will use proven techniques that really work.

We promise to keep all your data and personal information secure and we never sell to third parties.

About Star Goals

Wirral Tutoring Star Goals

Welcome to Star Goals education and mental health support.

STAR GOALS help teach and develop young people into resilient confident individuals who SHINE, THRIVE and ACHIEVE. We work on their future goals by supporting them to progress in their education, mental well-being and give them the skills they will need to live happy and fulfilling lives. We work on developing and improving their confidence, academic knowledge, study skills, life skills and equip them with tools to not only achieve amazing exam results but so they can deal with future challenges too. As qualified, experienced teachers and mental health counsellors, our approach is centred on the individual and their own personal goals.

Every student is brilliantly unique and so is our approach.

Our Vision

To change the culture of learning and education from purely academic focuses to a more holistic approach that reduces long term mental health issues for young people and improves their life opportunities.

Our Values

  • A commitment to improving the outcomes for young people through supporting academic achievement AND mental well-being
  • We will always provide a safe, reliable and professional service
  • To not be afraid to try innovative techniques and methods in a creative way to ensure ALL our learners needs are met

Our Tutors

We only employ qualified, experienced teachers and professional accredited counsellors.

Meet Claire

I am a qualified secondary school teacher who has taught GCSE Science and A Level Science (Biology and Physics) since 2005.

I am a team leader for Pearson examinations, examining and supervising A Level Biology marking.

I have worked previously for the NHS as a peer-support mental health specialist and am a qualified counsellor.

I have vast experience working with students of all types and have an excellent record of results.

I currently offer tutoring and counselling throughout the Wirral and Merseyside areas and am enjoying channelling my energy into something I truly care about.