Creativity as a Self Care Tool

Creativity is one of things we often just see as a hobby but it can be extremely effective as part of your self care toolkit.

Doing something you love and enjoy undoubtedly improves your mood but how many of us actually take the time to schedule it in as part of our self-care routines.

Researchers have shown that people who engage in a creative activity are more likely to eat healthier afterwards!

In fact creativity provides so much of a impact that the UK parliamentary group for Arts, Health and Well-being recommend it for it’s positive influence on mental health and well-being.

One way to get more creativity into your life is through creative writing. We are often encouraged to write down our feelings and thoughts in journals but we can expand that and enhance it by adding in some creative writing too.

Some tips to start creative writing

  1. Don’t aim for perfection or a bestselling novel. The process should be enjoyable, don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect. The aim isn’t to become top of the book charts, it is to work on yourself. Nobody else need ever read what you have written so don’t worry about spelling, grammar, word choice.
  2. Write based on real memories. Again this doesn’t have to be the most gripping thriller ever or a new intriguing concept, write on what you know and what we know best are our own experiences.
  3. Use a word as a prompt. It can be a random word, flick through a dictionary and see what you land on.
  4. Write about emotion rather than a plot. You can try to explain what emotions feel like to you, this can often help you process feelings too.
  5. Write about the little everyday things that you enjoy. Don’t aim for drama all the time, write about something simple as walking through a park.
  6. Write about positive experiences from your past so you can re-read them during lower times.

So, are you going to give it a go? Schedule yourself some creativity this week 🙂

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