How to win at public speaking

Wirral Tutoring Star Goals - Public Speaking

You can own the room!

It doesn’t have to be intimidating….although it is perfectly normal to feel nervous and anxious.

I learned public speaking the hard way. When I was a teacher I had to stand up in front of 30 uninterested teenagers five times a day and give assemblies to an even bigger group of their judgemental faces. I wouldn’t say I’m a natural public speaker at all but I realised like most things, it is a skill that can be learned and that 80% of it is confidence!

With the rise of live video on social media more of us are doing this than ever. Not to mention if you’re studying then you’re likely to have to give presentations at some point in your studies.

Top Tips

  • Face up to the fact everyone gets nervous. Even the most experience and outwardly confident speakers still get a buzz of anxiety before they start. IT IS NORMAL TO FEEL NERVOUS. Our bodies have hormones in them to make us feel nervous. Some nervous energy can actually make you speak better, so accept nerves will happen.
  • Focus on one detail you want to get across – when it is a big speech or you’re speaking for while then it is easy to feel overwhelmed but by focusing that nervous energy on one detail it can make it feel more manageable.
  • Nobody can see what is going on inside your body. Oprah Winfrey once said that her gums felt so dry in her Golden Globes speech she had to change the way she spoke to actually form her words….nobody saw that or knew that at the time. Anxiety, panic, dry mouth are all normal and they don’t mean you can’t talk – look at Oprah!
  • As you know dry mouth is a thing then drink water before hand, or even have a bottle/glass with you.
  • Breathing exercises also work and you can do them without people seeing. Breathe in and out (in for four counts and out for six). It can help calm anxiety
  • Meditate before the speech or presentation – there are apps and YouTube guided meditations you could do on your phone an hour or beforehand.
  • Power Poses….we all laughed when the conservatives in the UK started standing funny but how you stand can alter your mindset.
  • Say yes to opportunities. It is a skill that can be learned and that takes chances to learn so say yes to all speaking events, don’t just wait for them to appear either – search them out. Do that live social media event.

So…..what are you waiting for? Get out there, speak, own the room or your own little space of social media at least!

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