Women in Science Day 2019

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Year on year there is an increase in women entering STEM A Levels in England, with further increases in the number of females studying STEM and undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

This is amazing news for women and the STEM industries!

I’m a proud STEM graduate and have worked in science and maths education since 2005. Science and Maths are great subjects to study at A Level, they are always amongst the most popular subjects that students choose and for very good reasons.

Benefits of STEM A Levels

  1. There are many careers which utilise STEM skills, not just the traditional research jobs. So you open yourself up to a lot of academic opportunities.
  2. We live in a technological world and so a solid understanding of science and maths are going to be vital for future careers.
  3. Most employers will expect you to have at least a C in maths (in the old system) at GCSE and so an A Level will give you an even bigger advantage.
  4. You learn a rich variety of skills such as: researching, logic, analytical skills, problem-solving which are all sought after, not to mention useful!
  5. They are versatile subjects which pair with many others, even in humanities and arts subjects.

How to get help in STEM subjects

If you’re already studying a STEM subject but finding it challenging then there are many options. I believe EVERYONE can achieve in maths and science with the correct support.

  • Talk to your current teachers and school – there maybe extra revision sessions you can attend in school..
  • Consider getting some private tutoring, sometimes the one on one support can be what you need to give you that extra confidence. I am more than happy to support you with these subjects, either in person or online. See my contact page for how to get in touch.
  • Trust your ability! Maths in particular is a subject people get into the mindset that they can’t do when that is actually far from the truth….you CAN do maths, you just might not be able to do all of it YET.

So let’s keep boosting those number of women in STEM subjects – we can do this!

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